What Kinds of Businesses are Using Prime Karts?

All of our Prime Karts models are safe, durable, and low maintenance. These commercial-grade pedal go-karts are successfully used in a variety of rental markets, including family fun centers, party rental companies and agritainment and agritourism farms. Other business customers who purchase our products are operating campgrounds, resorts, day camps and zoos. Our karts represent significant added value for these facilities and their guests.

Bike rental shops and event planners also incorporate Prime Karts into their business plans. There are even impaired and distracted driving educational programs such as MADD and DARE that are utilizing the Prime Karts experience to help spread their message in drunk driving outreach programs.

Helpful Information for Commercial Customers

Commercial Pricing for Prime Karts

Please fill out our Contact form to request wholesale pricing on all of Prime Karts’ tough and nimble models.

Average Rental Rates for Prime Karts

Type of rentalTypical Rental Fee
Time RentalsAverage rates of $5-$8 per half-hour rental, per kart
Fee Per Ride or Race RentalsAverage rates of $2-$3 per five-minute ride, per kart

Be sure to check out Prime Karts’ Owner’s Manuals for the Racer, Turbo and XL-4 models.

Shipping and Receiving Information

Residential delivery fees will be added to all orders not shipped to a verified business address. Be prepared to receive your Karts with enough staff and equipment including methods to move a palletized shipment. For more details, please see our Shipping & Returns page.

Tips on Track Design

See our Prime Karts Track Suggestions (PDF) for ideas on giving your customers the best experience with Prime Karts.

Be Prepared for Maintenance and Repairs

We recommend that our commercial customers order replacement parts to keep in stock. This will allow you to avoid downtime of your karts during your peak busy season. While we ship all orders for replacement parts as quickly as possible, keeping them at the ready will have your kart back on the track in no time.

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The pedal karts are my biggest attraction. I had over 70 people waiting in line to ride them on opening day on my season.

We have 48 pedal karts and make over $2,000 profit PER KART each season!

Your pedal karts are the biggest revenue generator I have ever added to my campground. The adults rent them just as much as the kids do and the majority of them rent multiple times during their camping visit.

This bike rental customer has around 25 pedal karts and has increased their sales from $27,000 to $42,000 from last year

When we purchased this bike rental company, it came with three Prime pedal karts. We were so impressed with their quality that we ordered more and use them exclusively at our location. Prime Karts are the safest and most durable manufacturer of bikes that I have ever used