Frequently Asked Questions

The following list answers some of the most frequent questions we are asked here at Prime Karts. If your question is not answered here feel free to Contact us!

Features and Specifications

What are the differences between the Prime Karts models?

All of our karts are designed with adjustable features to fit a range of riders and are built strong enough to handle many types of surfaces. However, each model is recommended for particular ages and has specific weight and mechanical limits:

  • Racer: Designed for riders ages two to eight and up to 100 pounds. The Racer does well on level paved and off-road surfaces.
  • Turbo: Designed for riders ages nine and up with a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds.The Turbo does well on level paved, solid or compacted off-road surfaces.
  • XL-4: Designed for riders ages seven and up with a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds. The XL-4 does well on a variety of level paved and off-road surfaces.

Note: Prime Karts are designed for use on level surfaces, and are not meant for climbing hills. All Prime Karts are pedal powered, so be sure to purchase the right model for your rider(s).

Where can I find out more info on each model?

Each of our product pages has lots of information about our Racer, Turbo and XL-4 models. For more in-depth descriptions of each model’s specifications and features, please see our Owner’s Manuals. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or (866) 475-0450.

How big are these Karts?

Prime builds serious karts, with tough steel frames and components built to stand up to heavy use and designed for easy maintenance. They are larger and better built than nearly any pedal kart you will find at department, specially or toy stores.

Racer45 lbs.26”46”24”
Turbo90 lbs.34”60”30”
XL-4146 lbs.33”63”35”

: The above specifications are overall measurements and weights of the assembled karts without riders or accessories.

To see more details of our karts, check out the Racer, Turbo and XL-4 product pages, or read the Owner’s Manuals for additional specifications.

Shipping Details

How will my Prime Kart arrive?

We ship our Prime Karts partially assembled and securely boxed to ensure safe delivery and save you on shipping costs. Upon arrival they will require final assembly using common tools. UV-stabilized graphics are included in the box for placement after assembly. Please refer to our Owner’s Manuals for assembly details for each model.

What shipping methods do you use?

Our karts are shipped in boxes and will require some assembly. If you are ordering three or fewer Racer or Turbo model karts, we typically use FedEx Ground to ship it to you. For orders of the XL-4 model, or orders of four or more of any of our karts, we will generally ship via freight. For more details, please see our Shipping & Returns page.

Can I ship my Prime Karts to my home?

Yes. However, availability of residential delivery is generally limited by the delivery vehicle’s access to your neighborhood or delivery address. Shipping charges to residential addresses include a residential delivery fee assessed by the freight company.


What if I need to return my Prime Karts?

We hope the need never arises, but if you do need to make a return, you must first contact us to receive a Return Authorization Number. Please read our Warranty and Return Policies and contact us at or (850) 475-0450 BEFORE attempting to return any products to Prime Karts.

Replacement Parts

Are replacement parts available for my Prime Karts?

Yes! Check out our full line of replacement parts for each model on our Racer, Turbo and XL-4 product pages. We also carry replacement parts for some of our older models, however, depending on the year and model, some parts may be discontinued.

We also carry some upgraded replacement parts for the many components found on Berg karts such as steering rods, bracing rods and plastic chain guards on the three-wheel Balanze bike. For more information, please contact us at or (850) 475-0450.

What parts tend to wear out soonest in a commercial setting?

Prime Karts sells replacement parts for the most common components that wear out over time on our Racer, Turbo and XL-4 models. Generally, our commercial customers order replacement tires, inner tubes, and pedals.

Should I keep extra parts on hand?

Our karts are designed to stand up to heavy use, but like any machine there are parts that will wear out over time with heavy use or exposure to the elements. To avoid downtime in commercial settings, it is a good idea to have a few spare parts on hand for quick and easy repair.

We suggest having enough inner tubes, tires, chains and pedal sets on hand to prevent loss of rental income during your busiest season. It is suggested that you order one or two spare wheels with the tires mounted so if there is a flat, the wheel can simply be changed out and the flat tire/tube can be changed out at a later time when it’s less busy.

Commercial and Bulk Purchases

I want to buy several karts, who do I talk to?

For our bulk and commercial pricing, please contact us though our Contact form, by email at or by phone at (866) 475-0450.

Can I become a reseller of Prime Karts?

We are currently looking for retail shops and businesses interested in reselling Prime Karts. Please contact us at or (866) 475-0450 for more information.

Do Prime Karts have engines/motors?

No, all of our karts are pedal powered. We also do not recommend attempting to add any type of motor or engine to our karts. Making any modifications to our karts will void all warranties.  If you really want a motorized go-kart, there are a ga-gillion companies who sell them; that’s just not our focus.