Prime Karts XL-4 pedal kart front angle view
Close up of right angle view of Prime Karts XL-4 with Halloween graphics

Prime Karts are Designed & Built to the Highest Standards

Prime Karts come standard with tons of high-end features not found on cheaper knock-offs. With adjustable seats and heavy duty inner tube tires, everything is designed to provide a fun and safe experience for riders of all ages. The durable powder coat finish and UV stabilized graphics look great and stand up to years of wear and tear.

Built with heavy-wall round tube steel frames, robotically welded fixture frame rods and heavy-duty drive chains, Prime Karts have the strength to withstand daily use in private or busy commercial settings. Features like greasable fittings on the front axles and removable rear axles keep maintenance simple and easy.

Smooth turns are made easy with sealed ball bearings in the heavy-duty steering end connections. Our pedal carts use durable transmissions with reverse, and feature coaster brake systems for reliable stopping power.

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Which Pedal Kart Best Suits Your Needs?

Fun. Control. Durability. Each of our models at Prime Karts are built to provide a thrilling ride with precise steering and rugged reliability for riders of all sizes. Pick from any of our tried-and-true designs to get the features designed for your size, riding style and conditions. No mater which one you choose, Prime Karts provide an unforgettable experience and hours of pedal-powered fun.

  • Close up of right angle view of the Prime Karts Racer


    This lean, mean, pedal-powered racing machine will have younger riders leading the pack! Agile and quick, the Racer is the perfect fit for riders from two to eight years-old looking to take home the checkered flag.

  • The Prime Karts Turbo three-wheeled kart


    Speed and balance are the name of the game with this front-wheel drive, lean-to-steer beast. Fat rear inner tube tires and a BMX-style front wheel assembly allow riders to carve up the curves as if they were on rails.

  • Close up of right angle view of Prime Karts XL-4 with Halloween graphics


    Take on the toughest terrain with confidence in this versatile cart. Four all-terrain tires, articulated front-end design, and a patented transmission with reverse will have you tearing up the trails in record time.